Texas Teacher Certification Renewal Fee

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Texas Teacher Certification Renewal Fee

. Certificate. If you hold a standard teaching certificate in Texas you must renew it every five years.. Classroom teachers must complete 150 CPE hours.. for renewal. You will be charged a late fee if you apply after your certificate expires.
Reinstatement of Certification. If your teaching certificate is not renewed, it is placed on inactive status. To reinstate it, you must pay an additional fee of $40 and meet the CPE requirements for renewal.
The fee for certificate renewal is $20 for most educators and $10 for educational aides. Additional fees are assessed for late renewal and reactivation of an inactive certificate.
renewing the certificate and paying the applicable fees.. employment in a Texas public school district in a position for which that certificate is required until all .
(e) The deadlines established for renewal, late renewals, and fees are. (f) The SBEC shall deny or cancel the renewal of an educator's certificate(s) if required .
Are you a Texas educator looking to renew your teaching certificate? Not sure where to begin? Take a look at some of these self-paced online.
Certificate Renewal and CPE Requirements. falsely on the affidavit, the educator could be subject to criminal charges and sanctioning of his/her certificate.

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