Illinois Basset Certification Requirements

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Illinois Basset Certification Requirements

In addition, some municipalities in the State of Illinois do require BASSET training due to local law. You are advised to check your local ordinances to see if it is required that in order to be employed at a liquor establishment, you must attend BASSET training.
Remember, state law will soon require all on-premise servers (and those checking ID's for alcohol service) to be BASSET-certified some municipalities in the State of Illinois do require BASSET training, so your advised to check your Local Ordinances to see if you must attend BASSET training.
BASSET Certification Currently Required. All servers of alcohol and bouncers who check ID must have their BASSET certification. All new hires must have certification within 120 days of being hired. All Illinois BASSET cardholders must renew their certification every three years.
Complete training for on-premise or off-premise Illinois BASSET alcohol certification with this Illinois. Meet local requirements or just receive essential training.
To SELL or SERVE Alcohol safely, Illinois Liquor Control Commission created the BASSET program, or the Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education .
Official Illinois BASSET Certificate Course (License #5A-0105593). by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission and fully complies with their requirements.
This training course is approved by Illinois BASSET Certification Online and may be. by meets the certification requirements of .
Earn your Illinois BASSET certification required training before the deadline - July 1, 2017. Enroll now and complete the requirement now!

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